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Posted on May 21st, 2017

May 18, 2017
                  There have been several inquiries concerning the paint to use for fencing. The website identifies Behr SC-210 Ultra Pure White as the authorized stain to use. If you get the Behr can of  Solid Color Waterproofing stain and sealer (211 at Home Depot)  and take it to the paint counter and ask them to tint/ match the SC-210  Ultra Pure White, they will mix it on the spot for you.
                  If you are planning to paint your fence and want to encourage your neighbor to do so as well, the following painters have indicated that they have discounts for group painting:
                                    Klappenberger & Son- David Klappenberger 410-647-5700
                                    Pro Painting & Contracting-Jeff Corelitz 410-1440
                                    McDonogh Industries-410-987-6421
The Board neither arranges for fence painting nor endorses any of these painters.
                  Additionally, the website offers the authorized color pallets for the trim on the homes and the colors for front doors and shutters. It has been reported that Sherwin Williams has  renamed Basheer and Edgemoore White to Kingsport Exterior Trim White.  
The green ash trees that have been infested by the emerald ash borer will be removed by Mears Landscaping. Work will begin soon and should be completed by June 5, 2017. Initially, the trees will be cut down and the stumps removed. The residual area will be prepared to accept a replanted tree. Replanting is scheduled to begin in September as recommended by the landscaper and other tree nursery operators. The green ash trees are street trees located on Brannock Terrace, Crisfield Way and Pearson Point.  Unless advised later of a change, the replacement trees will be Red Maple which will blend with the other maples within the community. Please excuse the noise and activity associated with this project.
                  The Kingsport Association annual meeting will be on June 1, 2017, at 7:00pm at the pool pavilion. There will be updates by the Board of Directors and opportunities for you to offer suggestions and recommendations for the upcoming year. We hope that our Mayor and Alderwoman will visit with us. Also, you received recently the resumes of four residents vying for the two positions on the Board of Directors that will become vacant in June. Please look them over and be sure to provide your proxy if you cannot attend in person to vote.
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